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    Building & Ceramics

    Tailor-made solutions to make everything possible

    Buildings & Ceramics

    Tailor-made solutions to make everything possible


    The construction market is subject to continuous change, which requires manufacturers to constantly improve the performance of their products, search for a high standard of production and cost efficiency, and now also adapt to new trends and regulations imposed by the market.

    In order to meet all these needs, thanks to our extensive technical knowledge we offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions for each client through the development of customised projects for different applications, carried out with complete confidentiality.

    Do you need to improve the characteristics of your products?

    Do you need to improve the cost of your products?

    Do you need to optimise your production processes and costs?

    Trust us to find the best solution and achieve your goals

    To help you face your current and future challenges, we offer you our experience of over 90 years in the field of construction chemicals, all the knowledge of our experienced technical teams, and the facilities of our application and formulation laboratory.

    What does Molina offer you?

    We go beyond ingredients via the solution


    "It's about asking the right questions, to find the best solution"

    That's why through #Molina_Insights we share our knowledge with you so that you can give an answer to your consumers by anticipating their needs.


    "Developing together is our goal, that's why we talk about finding solutions beyond the ingredient"

    At #Molina_Lab we advise our clients throughout the product development process, connecting the dots, and sharing our knowledge.


    "We share our knowledge"

    #Molina_Academy is the meeting point through which we offer all our initiatives and technical and training content aimed at providing added value to all the construction and ceramics markets.

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    for Mortars, Plaster…

    Building &

    Tailor-made solutions

    Circular Economy



    Improvements in formulations


    Product offering

    • Cellulosic thickeners
    • Redispersible resins
    • Rheology and thixotropy modifiers
    • Binders for ternary systems
    • Accelerators/retarders
    • Fluidising agents
    • Fibres
    • Water-repellent agents
    • Defoamers
    • Dispersants
    • Pigments
    • And many other solutions...

    A world of solutions to help you achieve your goals

    Tailor-made solutions / to make everything possible


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